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Gluten Free Weigh In

Jun 8, 2020

This week I talk with Carla about how she is doing her best coping with stress.  It seems to be a theme these days, as more people are home and life isn't normal, and we're not sure how the next few months are going to look.  Carla is determined to stay with intermittent fasting, and for the most part is practicing one meal a day (OMAD).  I have been intermittent fasting for more than three months at this point and was hitting a plateau.  Carla and I discuss my decision to try out longer fasts twice a week this month.  So far, it's something that seems to be working for me.  Carla mentioned the app she uses to track her fasts - the Life app.  The YouTube channel I speak about is Keto Rewind at -

and in particular the video that got me hooked was about Alternate Day Fasting.  You can find that at -

I'm looking forward to updating Carla and our listeners on my progress with my June fasting strategy in a couple of weeks!

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