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Gluten Free Weigh In

Oct 8, 2018

This week I talk with Lisa and Francine who are both going through stressful times. They each have different strategies - Lisa works hard not to use food as a diversion and Francine plans ahead for unexpected situations. Find us on Facebook and Instagram at Gluten Free Weigh In. Lisa is on Instagram as gf_ketogirl. 

Here are the links for the topics Lisa and I discussed -
Keto Calculator  - Takes all the guess work out of calculating your macros/daily calorie consumption breakdown and consumable amounts of fat, protein and carbs. Cost is approx. $39.00 for 3 months of delicious recipes based on your specific likes and measures your calorie count base on info you punch in such as body weight, height and daily physically activity level etc. You don't have to purchase this to get the above info but for the recipes/meal plans, you do.
Go to:
Ketonix  - This is a Ketone Measuring Device